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The skinny on fat

High-fat keto does not mean unlimited fat - especially when weight loss is your goal.

Keto IS high-fat but it is completely up to you WHERE the fat for ketosis is coming from.

If your main goal is to reduce body fat fast, watching your plate fat is the main key to success. You want your body fat to be used for ketosis.

“Once in ketosis you will be a lot less hungry. Now is the time to go into weight loss mode. Make sure you only eat as much fat as you need to feel full. Do not concentrate on "getting your fats in". Instead, add only a little to your plate. Your body will use it's own stored body fat for ketosis which will accelerate your weight loss.”

Optimal weight loss macros are setup at a deficit with adequate protein for your requirements, low in carbs to get and keep you in ketosis. Fat amount should be adjusted to reach your goal. Less plate fat for weight loss, more in maintenance or when exercising and building muscle.

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