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The importance of protein...

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Don't short-change yourself when it comes to your protein!

I see it over and over again, low protein macros and people concentrating on getting their fats in instead of making sure they hit their protein macro. In my experience, the majority of people who stall out in their weight loss, don't eat enough protein and waaay too much fat.

Being constantly below your protein requirement will result in muscle loss... which is the worst thing that can happen to you when trying to lose weight. Not to mention hair loss is also a very common thing that happens when protein is too low.

If you lose 50lbs - and 10lbs is muscle, then you have just reduced your TDEE by up to 500 cals!

1lb of muscle burns up to 50 cals at rest - so 10 lbs of muscle loss and you need to eat 500 cals LESS to keep your weight loss going!

For keto, a range between 0.6g and 1g per pound of Lean Body Mass has been established. Don't go by % - that is not acurate and protein is NOT a limit you CAN go over your protein!

When calculating macros, I go with 0.7g per lb or 0.8g per lb if you are active and working out. That amount can go up and down depending on other factors.


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