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It is not ALL about ketones...

I am a science nerd and as you all know, I follow science-based keto.

Why is there a slow down in weight loss after the quite rapid weight loss we experience in the first couple of weeks of being on a keto diet? What does it take to keep the momentum going?

Once we become fat-adapted and are able to use mostly fat for our body's energy needs, shouldn't the rate of weight loss pick up?

Fat-oxidation doubles after you become fat adapted but that it is ONLY one building block of a well-formulated ketogenic diet that focuses on weight loss.

Ketosis makes it easier to stay in a calorie deficit to lose weight because your hunger is very well regulated in ketosis.... the amount of ketosis (ketones) alone is not what makes you lose the weight, it is the calorie deficit (the amount of fat you don't eat) that gets you to your goal.

It is MOST important WHERE the fat is coming from for ketosis that determines the success of your weight loss....

You can help your weight loss along and optimize fat burning if you keep insulin low and glycogen high on your keto diet journey and keep your body is in fat burning mode instead of storing mode. For continuous and accelerated weight loss, both, hormones AND calories MATTER equally.

The great Dr. Phinney did a study on elite athletes - and I mean 100 mile plus runners... He measured fat oxidation/ the rate they burn fat and looking at the value for them, it was about 1.5g, 2.5 times more than carb-dependent athletes, per minute during their exercise. Remember, these are trained people, so my fat-oxidation level is less than theirs.

Most keto macros that you get online are not optimized for weight loss. The stall comes often happens because after the initial weight loss / fluid loss... you need to ensure that as much body fat as possible is used for ketosis, if your goal is optimal and continuous weight loss.

At the same time, you need to make sure you are giving your body enough protein, electrolytes and minerals. Lack of protein, electrolytes and minerals will slow your weight loss because your body is simply not running at optimal levels...

Here is the link to the FASTER study.

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