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How to CHEAT on a keto diet

Let's be honest, life happens...

With Canadian Thanksgiving here and US Thanksgiving and Christmas not too far away, there will be a time where having a little cheat is either an easy way out of an uncomfortable situation... like for example when your mother-in-law offer you her "world-famous" tiramisu desert or when you were invited to a dinner party and there just is NOTHING that would be considered strictly keto... or when you just simply want to indulge on something you have been looking forward all year... like a slice of your grandma's home-made apple pie.

Here are a couple of tips on how to make it work:

- Make the cheat a single occurrence. A single item or if need be, a single meal.

- Most high-carb foods are high-calorie at the same time. Try to keep the rest of the day low-calorie. Stay within your calories for the day! That way, you will still be on track with your weight loss.

Next would be to get back into ketosis...

- Skip breakfast the next tday. You don't have to go on a crazy fast to get back on track. If you kept your "slip up" to one meal, you will be able to get back into ketosis within a couple of days!

- Exercise! Go for a walk or do a quick HIIT. It will burn off the glycogen that is stored and you are back in keto business.

- Do NOT go over your calories.. do NOT add extra fat after a cheat. That will lead to weight gain!

Remember, ketosis is all about carb restriction not about adding fat.

Life goes on... don't beat yourself up about it - KETO ON!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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