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Skinny Keto Accelerator & 10-Day Ketosis Kickstart Masterclass

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Keto seems to be  the new dieting craze with SO MUCH info out there on social media, the internet. "Keto Coaches" that don't seem to  be following their own advice charging for a book and "meal plans" and then letting you figure it out yourself!

People often don't realize the fact, that the ketogenic diet has been around since the 1930's and had a revolution in the 70's with a modified version thanks to Dr. Atkins and again with Dr. Bernstein.

To decide which version of the different approaches is best for weight loss AND health is often a challenge for a keto beginner.


There definitely IS a wrong way to do it!

The goal of the Skinny Keto Workshops is to give you all the necessary  tools you need to use the ketogenic diet to its full potential with face-to-face interaction, no matter if you are local or half way around the globe. 


You will receive a Step-by-Step guide and day-to-day tips and tricks that will take the guess work out of your  journey to better health. I will be your keto BFF and you will get to know other people who are embarking on the same journey just as you are!

If you are ready to kickstart your Keto journeu, check out these online or local options below.

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