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About Skinny Keto



After my second baby,  I was almost 200 lbs and no matter what I tried, I was not able to lose weight.


While researching different diets and reading new studies on the ketogenic lifestyle, I noticed the amazing advantages it seemed to offer repeated over and over in the literature and online:

  • fast weight loss

  • reduced hunger

  • improved overall health

That was very intriguing. I wanted to lose weight but I was always hungry so yes, I wanted to learn more.

I quickly discovered that not all keto diets are created equally. The diet needs to be customized to your goals to work properly.


It definitely  isn't a one size fits all approach.  


I concentrated on the research, articles, studies and experts that were promoting a Keto diet that matched my goals:


Quick weight loss, toned physique, eating whole foods, continuous weight loss that leads to goal weight -  and all that using science to back up their claims.

Welcome to the Skinny side of Keto

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Eventually, Skinny Keto was born 

Science, Smart, Results!


Skinny Keto is a science-backed keto approach to weight loss.

The main objective for my clients is to achieve optimal FAT LOSS.

We utilize ketosis and a calorie deficit to reduce body fat.

A ketogenic, whole-foods approach to losing weight and improving overall health.

A science-based formula combined with personal coaching and a non-dogmatic approach to diet and nutrition. 

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My Coaching Commitment

​I have been coaching for over five years now.

I admin several keto pages and love getting involved in discussions about the ketogenic way of life... both,  on- and off-line.


I am committed to provide client-focused, science-based  coaching for everyone who is interested in a healthy, sustainable and results-driven ketogenic lifestyle.


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International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Nutrition Specialist 

Allegra Learning Solutions Certifications

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Chronic Disease & Health Promotion

  • Holistic & Integrative Health

  • Brain Health


  • Feautured on CTV's "Fit Fix"

  • Administrator and Moderator of various Keto facebook groups with 250,000+ members

  • Instagram with 1500+ followers

  • Facilitator of over 10+ Keto Accelerator Learning Groups

  • Guest Blogger and contributor @Keto4All Canada

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What people say

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Cory J.

When I started on my keto journey, I just followed advice from what people were doing on the internet high fat protein then carbs, for my first week it went great, lost 10 pounds no problem then I started to stay the same or gained a few pounds. So I knew i was doing something wrong.


Karolina turned my eating 180 degrees. I was eating way to much fat not enough protein.


I would recommend her to anyone that is a beginner or advanced. Any questions you have or concerns with the diet she is on it.

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Adriana C.

When starting Keto – the vast information out there can be quite overwhelming and confusing.


The guide I received was extremely helpful in making sense of it all and providing the necessary tools to establish the right macros to be successful.


It is clear a lot of research is behind the information provided and any time I had a question, I received a prompt answer and thorough explanation.


Down 35+ pounds now and excited to see what the new year brings.

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Shay B.

I happen to stumble upon Karolina in another group that we were both a part of and boy am I glad I did!


She is super sweet and full of knowledge!! I have been provided a useful chart explaining everything and ketosis work.


The proper macros for my body, age and lifestyle. It’s all very helpful and can’t wait to see what my future holds while doing keto! 

Thank you for all your help!


I highly recommend getting in contact with her for all your keto needs!

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